In Japan, Yakitori are small restaurants that grill skewers to order over charcoal, to be consumed alongside alcoholic beverages. These establishments are known for their informal and convivial atmospheres, and are popular gathering places particularly for young people and office workers on their way home.

Vintae asked us to design a wine range tailor made for Yakitori restaurants in Japan. The range consists on four wines, each one to maridate with one of the main ingredients served in Yakitoris: Chicken, Octopus/squid, Pig and Cow.

Each animal is present in the label to help consumers generate the association wine/food.

The look and feel is easy going and simple.

In order to be choosen among beer or sake -both served in small bottles-, our suggestion was to use 375ml bottles. This allows a more individual consumption and positions the product away from the classic conception of wine.

Using a screen printing and single color labels also helps to dissociate the product from the “serious” wine world.