TOMATITO is a re-interpretation of the traditional spanish tapas bars. It’s located in Shanghai’s Jing’an district and owned by el Willy Group.

We created the identity & graphic image, and designed all the marketing collaterals, F&B applications, wallpapers and signage. The graphic line is inspired in Barcelona, and from there it eclectically mixes traditional elements of the city -the pigeon, the Barcelona tile- with some Spanish old glories -the ’82 world cup Tango ball, the Pesetas- all under the graphic style that emerged in Barcelona in the 90s.

The name, Tomatito, means small tomato in spanish but also refers to the famous flamenco artist.

The logo was created using Helvetica Bold typeface in capital letters, as a tribute to the “non designed” signs of the local bars in Spain.
2 colors, black and red, and a game of images and geometric patterns conform the universe of Tomatito.