With the evolution of beer and the establishments in which beer is enjoyed, the idea of gastro-bar has slowly come into the market as an upscale version of a bar which specializes in good food and select beers and craft beers. In Xintiandi, our gastro-bar have an emphasis on quality of materials, crafted elements, and an upscale environment yet comfortable and welcoming to all.

Craft brewing is a specialized process and at the core the process is the heart of craft beer. Drawing from key elements and equipment used during the brewing process as well as combining the idea of a pub (public house) we have created an interior that speaks of the beer process yet still maintain a home-like feel.
Using such materials as copper, blackened steel, reclaimed woods, and maintaining some of the raw existing interior, we continue with the idea of honesty and true to materials and unprocessed elements.
Custom light fixtures alluding to the hardware found in such brewing equipment as the ‘mash tun’ and the’ lauter tun’ as well as large mesh partitions throughout relating to the filtering process, the interior draws inspiration from the revered and loved craft brewing process.


Completion date: September 2016
Area: 200 sqm

In collaboration with Diane Paz