TAPS is a wine bar located in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Sabadell, Barcelona, Spain.

Sabadell has very strong historical roots and many distinctly rich and multi-layered properties within it.

Our location did not disappoint in terms of discovery and surprise. After unearthing and excavating down to the original features of the space, we found brick walls, high ceilings and even a few boarded up windows.

Our approach was to retain the historical elements of the space and tie them to the world of today, paying homage to wine’s long and varied history.

The wine-colored back walls that line the bar are contrasted by white painted bricks and raw iron tables at the dining areas, giving the overall space a genuine freshness and balance between the classic and modern.

We designed a large perimeter “jalousie” with wooden planks for bottle storage that integrates the back bar and the kitchen, and added a mezzanine to break the rectangular shape of the property and to stock extra wine cases. To complete the project, we designed all the furniture and soft decoration in line with our concepts above.

TAPS immerses the customer in the world of viniculture, pairing delicious food with a great selection of wines. Today, it is one of the most popular bars in town.


Completion Date: September 2008
Area: 65sqm