Sennheiser is a family-owned German audio company specializing in the design and production of high fidelity products. In the process of evolving from a more technically focused brand into the lifestyle realm, they chose us to design of their concept stores, starting in China.

The current retail approach reflected the high tech and quality values of the brand, by the use of their corporate colors and a wide display of technological equipment. As the brand is moving into a more fresh and modern age, we designed a more approachable and trendy concept for the Chinese market, while maintaining the brand’s core values.

We designed a new space where the central element is a trial table that invites patrons to experience “the pursuit of perfect sound”, the motto of the company. The headphones are placed on a tailor designed handler and incorporate an iPad where different styles of music can be chosen.

To be faithful to the brand, stainless steel remains a key component of the design. Walnut is a new addition to the scheme, as it adds a classy and warm touch in keeping with our new lifestyle approach and more importantly is a subtle tie to the Concert Hall, where the newest shop is located.

As the flagship shop in China and internationally, this location will serve as the launch for Sennheiser’s new vision and look.

More locations are planned and in development for the new year.


Completion Date: June 2014
Area: 50 sqm