Sennheiser is a family-owned German audio company specializing in the design and production of high fidelity products.
Their headquarters in Shanghai occupy an area of 215sqm in a former industrial building.

The client requested an open office space with large communal tables, mobile furnishings and spaces, as well as a reception area and storage. The corporate colors are vital to the brand and were featured throughout along with additional new materials to add warmth and comfort.

The original architectural structure was exposed, bearing all traces of the past. This combined with warmer materials on the floors and feature walls covered with black acoustic panels speaks to the brand’s core identity. This play between the old and new with the addition of varying textures and colors contributes to the space’s dynamic visual diversity.

The result is a welcoming, modern and open space that enhances interaction and team work.


Completion Date: October 2014
Area: 215 sqm