Salt and Fire is a Robatayaki Japanese restaurant placed on the attic of the Mansion Hotel in Shanghai.
The hotel is Art Deco style, and was declared a Heritage Building by Shanghai municipality.
They target the local market, mainly chinese & asian customers.

We designed a big format wall art to decorate the space behind the main bar. The idea was to add personality to the space.

For the illustration, we created a collage related to Japan. Traditional mythological japanese figures are mixed with Art Nouveau style illustrations drawn by Aubrey Beardsley around 1896. Beardsley style was influenced by the style of Japanese woodcuts. The result is a mixture of styles in a zen, yet intriguing landscape. The use of 2 colors -red and white- and the style of the illustrations are a clear link to the empire of the sun.

We designed their logo as well, and some marketing collaterals.