Malabar is an updated version of the typical Spanish tapas bar located in Jing’an district, Shanghai. They deliver the essence of Spain in its tasty tapas and friendly atmosphere.

We designed their brand identity and the interior, with the request to transmit “the feeling of a typical bar in Spain” with a modern twist.

To transmit the easy-going, approchable style of the place, we created an icon based language. The logo itself incorporates an icon, the “M” of Malabar, and from there, we develope a series of icons representing the main moods (wine + friends = smile, coffe + croissant = breakfast, etc.).┬áIt’s all applied in one color (black) to enhance the iconic language -and to reduce production costs-.

Recently awarded the title of best neighborhood bar in Shanghai, today Malabar is a must go place in Jing’an.

You can visit the Interior Design project HERE.