Everwines website is an online wine shop that targets chinese end consumers.

We designed the site structure, look and feel and developed the whole project.

The first challenge was to organize their products in a simple and comprehensive way, on the assumption that wine knowledge in China is still very limited.

We started creating a top menu with 4 main categories (wine, sparkling, others, gourmet -for food- and accessories) to reduce the amount of results on each search.

Then we developed a “CHOOSE BY” on each section to accurate the search. For wines, the idea is to start with “simple” categories and then give an “advanced” option for consumers with wider wine knowledge. We based the “simple” categories on what most chinese consumers value (PRICE, TYPE, COUNTRY) and then applied a “MORE OPTIONS” section where REGION, GRAPE VARIETY and BRANDS can be selected.

The look and feel is clean and follows the corporate identity of the company.

You can visit the site  HERE
And the brand’s key visual HERE