Everwines is a wine company established by Torres China in 2009 to approach the B2C channel. As a consumer’s division, it aims to deliver wines to the growing Chinese market thru their branded shops, online platform and direct sales.

The Ruijin Shanghai store is part of the global retail project we designed for the brand, with more than 20 shops and counters opened around China.

Located in the Former French Concession it had a more classical approach following the architecture of the building. Everwines Ruijin is the boutique store of the brand, is a shop and a wine bar together. It’s cozy, friendly and comfortable.

We defined three areas were we placed the bar, shopping area and sofa area. We applied the color and brand materials except on the shopping area were we left the original concrete tiles. We designed a brown-metal wall to exhibit their best products.

We designed a boutique store where function and aesthetics work together to create a great customer experience.


Completion Date: June 2011
Area: 95 sqm