Everwines is a wine company established by Torres China in 2009 to approach the B2C channel. As a consumer’s division, it aims to deliver wines to the growing Chinese market thru their branded shops, online platform and direct sales.

Minhang store is part of the global retail project we designed for the brand, with more than 20 shops and counters opened around China.

Everwines Minhang store was one of the latest shops we designed. In this case we encountered a square shape with high ceilings.

We decided to build a mezzanine for vip clients, an area more private and quiet, and place the retail experience and bar area on the first floor. To differentiate the two spaces we used warmer materials on the second floor while fresh colors on the first following the brand palette: white, green and maple.

We carefully designed an iron folded stairs that connects the two areas and brings modernity to the space. A big terrace welcomes the customer and brings them to Everwines World.


Completion Date: February 2014
Area: 92 sqm | Terrace 48 sqm