Everwines is a wine company established by Torres China in 2009 to approach the B2C channel. As a consumer’s division, it aims to deliver wines to the growing Chinese market thru their branded shops, online platform and direct sales.

The Guangzhou store is part of the global retail project we designed for the brand, with more than 20 shops and counters opened around China.

Everwines Guangzhou is the store in south of China. The weather is warm and people enjoy life going out and gathering with friends. The venue is wide, with high ceilings and open façade.

We applied rigorously the concept design. The wine shelve, placed on the left side, got the customer through the shop from the entrance to the bottom; the wine tasting area and cellar, set up at the end, helped customer to know and understand wine world; the bar area on the right side, close to the façade, to relate with the terrace that welcomes the customer to Everwines World.

We designed an open space that allowed customers to interact and gather. Each area was detail-treated and comfortable designed to have a wonderful wine experience. We applied the brand colors and materials to complete the project: white, green and maple.


Completion Date: June 2011
Area: 163 sqm | Terrace 52 sqm