Caliburger is a Hamburger chain that positions their brand on the upper side of fast food category.
On their approach to the chinese market they realized they needed to upscale their identity into more premium to succeed.
They asked us to localize their identity for China, helping them deliver the Californian lifestyle feeling to the local consumers in an understandable way and give a more premium approach while maintaining the global brand image.

With their global image, that uses white backgrounds and 3 colors (black, red and yellow) as a reference, we evolved into a wider color range and added a dark blue background – representing the ocean – to replace the existing white or black. The result is a more complex and premium identity that accomplishes the chinese approach while maintains the brand values and graphic referents.

We created the new brand line, localized logo, extended chromatic code, graphic line, application to images and we designed the key F&B and communication supports.