Bikini is a small Hot Dog and Sandwich shop located in Yongfu Road. The street has become famous for it’s late night crowds.

We were asked to develop a Branding and Interior design project that was sexy and representative of the easy going, simple but brilliant food served, and linked to Barcelona’s crazy nightlife.

For the naming, we came up with Bikini, which is a two piece swimwear for feminine use created by Frenchman Louis Reard who named it after the Bikini Atoll, where atomic bomb tests conducted -at the same time that bikini was presented- with the suggestion of the devastating effects that would cause the woman wearing it: atomic bomb!

In Barcelona, Bikini was the name of a famous night club that served late night pressed ham & cheese sandwiches. The name of their sandwich was adapted by the market and today a Bikini can be ordered in any bar.

The image is an eclectic mix of sexy ladies and spaceships extracted from adult movie posters of the 60s.

You can see the interior design project HERE