Laura’s apartment is located in a nineteenth century building in the historical city center of Barcelona. The available space is narrow and elongated, so the daylight only came from the main and back fa├žade.

The desire of Laura was to win light and differentiate two zones in the house: the domestic area, where the daily family life had to take place; and a secondary area, quiet and isolated from the first, for the bedrooms.

To achieve this we opened the ceiling and created a central patio. We placed the domestic area towards the main street, while the bedrooms occupied the north side. We created different volumes and ceilings to hide air conducts, drains and pipes, keeping original wood beams exposed to preserve the history of the apartment.

We painted walls and ceilings white to increase the daylight effect; we used pale greys for the kitchen and furniture, and walnut on the hallway to connect day and night areas.


Completion Date: September 2007
Area: 96 sqm

Architect: Carol Iborra